Bratz Chic Mystique dolls now on TaoBao!

July 1, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Remember when we reported that Crystalicious was on the Chinese auction site, taobao? Well now, the Chic Mystique girls are up as well! Or at least, all but Sasha and Meygan, but we’re sure that they’ll show up eventually 🙂

Chic Mystique Cloe! Click to view full-size 🙂

Cloe looks totally stunning, and we had no idea she was swan-inspired until now! As you all can see, this line also uses the “boring” box style, but at least the art is featured in their “trading cards”. The fact that Meygan isn’t on the box definitely makes us think that she’ll be an exclusive of some sort too 😉

Chic Mystique Jade! Click to view full-size 🙂

We love how Jade almost glows with that minty shade of turquoise in her hair! Also worth noting are the prototypes on the fronts of their boxes. We actually think the final dolls look better with their more interesting hair styles 😉

Chic Mystique Yasmin! Click to view full-size 🙂

Yasmin is totally gorgeous too, though we so don’t get a flamingo vibe from her, LOL! We adore the black contrasting against her peachy pink tones though. 😉

We can’t wait to see how Sasha and Meygan turn out! We’ll keep everyone posted when they show up!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

Bratz Boulevard

One Response to “Bratz Chic Mystique dolls now on TaoBao!”

  1. purplecandy Says:

    jade looks amazing in blue

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