Bratz Style Starz dolls & Chic Mystique Sasha revealed!

June 29, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Following our exclusive release of the new Bratz artwork for Strut it!, Boutique, Chic Mystique, and Style Starz, fellow Bratz fansite Bratz Heaven was able to track down promo pictures for three out of the four Style Starz, and the promo for Chic Mystique Sasha!

Bratz Style Starz! On the left, you see Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin in their first wigs, and on the right, you see Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade in their second wigs! Click to view full-size 🙂

WOW, we’re in love! As you can see, they match their artwork quite a bit with the exception of a few very minor details. We love how well-hidden their wig caps are too, so it almost looks as if their hair is rooted! Yasmin is still VERY Nicki Minaj, and Jade is still rockin’ her “Fame-era” Lady Gaga look. Cloe’s still somewhat of a mystery, though she is starting to look a bit like Gaga in recent years… Adore the funky new shades! And peep all those insane new shoe molds too, we’ve fallen head over snap-on heels for them! Also worth noting are the new bodies, which feature Party arms, but click-knees. Cloe’s legs appear to be molded in black as well, giving the effect of skintight leggings.

Chic Mystique Sasha! Click for full-size

Chic Mystique Sasha is a total stunner as well! We love how the dark pink and black look on her, and her glittery bright pink lips really pop too! It’s also always great to see more Sashas with fantasy-colored hair and her original skintone. Can’t wait for her!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

Bratz Boulevard

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