Strut it! Sasha in Stores Now!

June 21, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

We’re happy to share that several sightings of the new Bratz Strut it! Sasha doll have been reported over the past week! SAs we’ve previously reported, Strut it! is the basic line for fall 2012 with an SRP of $9.99(USD). Sasha has been showing up in certain Toys R Us stores, and those finding her have taken to flickr to post her appearances.

The first sighting came from the world-famous doll photographer and legendary Bratz picfic writer, nevraforever! She reports that Sasha does in fact have quality saran hair, and also worth noting is the very interesting new packaging style for the basic dolls. The new boxes also don’t feature the gorgeous Strut it! artwork, oddly enough. We’re hoping this won’t become the norm for our Bratz though! Check out her pix of Sasha here!

Another sighting worth noting came from our friend Steven, or STXluSive on flickr! He found her the same day nevraforever did, and posted some great full shots of Bunny Boo in her box!

We can not wait to find Sasha, and all of the other Strut it! dolls in our own stores!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

Bratz Boulevard

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