The Witch Hunt is ON! Bratzillaz Now in Stores!

June 17, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Just the other day, we reported that the new Bratzillaz dolls would be in stores any day now, and they are! Yesterday, MyScene Hangout member sisterskipper, reported that she found all but Sashabella Paws in her local store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! While she hasn’t posted any photos due to lack of camera, she was kind enough to offer a detailed description, as follows;

“bratzillaz found in cedar rapids iowa. i saw all but sasha. they look to be barbie size, definetly not bratz
sized. i held up a box next to monster high doll and looks to be taller. i didn’t have money nor a camera
so no pics. also they don’t seem to come with there pet, but it’s pictured on the box and a stand is included,
no outfits yet. in person i liked jade j’adore, the cloe, the megana. yamsin was okay. so be on the look out,
they eye are glass and to me are huge. i am not a huge bratz fan, because of the body and snap on feet, these look
up my alley”

So these girls will be about 11.5 inches tall, and $19.99 each in the US! Very interesting about the eyes looking huge. We can’t wait to post some sightings of our own! 😉

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

Bratz Boulevard

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